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Friday, March 15, 2019

DocLoc 3D Prints: Design and Production

Docloc: Phone Chargers

The last battery phone-case 
you'll ever need to buy!

Choose Colors:

Free 30-Day Returns
3-in-1 USB Cord Included
black orange green blue4000mAh Battery Phone Case

A Supersuit for your phone!

Watch how it works...

"DocLoc" is a 3D Printed, 
Universally Attachable 

Fits iPhone, Android, tablets, 
controllers or anything 
USB powered.

No buttons or switches, 
strap it to your devices 
and go!

Keeps your phones, 
toys, and other gadgets 
topped-off at 100%

Provides a charge all day.

A Battery Case for all the Latest
Apple iPhone and Samsung
Galaxy Devices.

DocLoc has a 4000mAh 
Rechargeable Lithium-
Polymer Battery.

5V-1A Output 
will last all day 
and will not affect 
your phone's battery 
performance over time.

DocLoc recharges

via standard USB Type-A
to micro-USB Cable.

You can substitute 

the stock stretchy band 
with regular rubber bands, 
jelly bracelets, 
use more than one
for bigger devices or 
even use string and zip-ties!

There's no limit
to how DocLocs can
 be attached to things.

3D Printed with 
"...polylactic acid (PLA), 
a biodegradable 
and bioactive 
thermoplastic aliphatic 
polyester derived from 
renewable biomass...
- Wikipedia

Read about us on MLive

Jackson couple with 3D print farm creates universal phone charger

JACKSON, MI -- Whitney Dufek's phone died while she was in public one day, and she didn't want to plug it into a wall and wait for it to charge. Instead, when she got home, she and her partner, Mark VanSumeren, decided to invent a solution: a 3D-printed universal charging case.

Attachable USB Powerbanks
Universal with 3-in-1 USB cord included
Universal Cable included free shipping worldwide

Works with Apple "lightning", Android micro-USB and USB-C
For iPhone and AndroidLightning, Micro USB and USB-C adapterLightning, micro-USB and USB-C adapterShort usb cord with adapter

 3 in 1 Cable Highlights

-Made of quality assured materials.

-3 in 1 multi charge cable & connector: 

Micro USB, Type-C, Lightning.

-Flip over:- Front: Lightning 8 pin / Back: Micro

-Universally compatible for 

mobile & electronic devices.

-Best for data transfer & device charging.

-2.0 current 88 copper core.

-Anti-knot noodle-like cable.

-Magnetic stone one both connectors, 

can be detached and firmly attach again.

-Stylish, slim, compact and convenient.

-Compatible with IOS & Android devices, 
power banks, laptops, etc.
Computer Genrated Image of a DocLoc
Computer Genrated Image of a DocLocUniversal 4000mAh battery life
Universal 4000mAh battery life
Universal 4000mAh battery life custom logos
universal 4000mAh


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